1. How far in advance do we need to reserve our equipment?  It is best to make your reservation as early as possible.  Your order is subject to equipment availability. 
  2.  How does the delivery work?   Most hotels/resorts let us in to set up the equipment before you arrive.  At private condo's that do not have a front desk, we have to make sure that someone is there at delivery to let us in.  We guarantee delivery of equipment by 7:30 pm.
  3.   Are your products safe and clean?  Yes!  We use clorox anywhere spray that is safe for babies.  We also use Dreft laundry detergent on all of our linens.  All of our equipment is checked for safety and cleanliness before and after each use.
  4.  Do you track manufacturer's recalls?  Yes!  We track recall information on all of our equipment through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website www.cpsc.gov.
  5.  What is your cancellation policy?   We do NOT charge for cancellations.  We understand that life happens sometimes and it is not expected.  Please let us know asap so we can let someone else reserve the equipment.  Thanks! 
  6.  When does the rental period begin?  The rental period is the number of nights between your arrival date and your departure date. 
  7.   Do you install car seats?  No, we are not authorized to install car seats.  You can go to a local fire department and they can help you install it. 
  8.  Do you have a delivery charge?  No! 
  9. When will my credit card be charged?  Your credit card will be charged two weeks prior to delivery.  At that time we will send a receipt to by text or email.  We encourage you to reserve early in your trip planning to ensure availability. 
  10.  Can I pick up the equipment myself?  No, we do not offer a pick up option. 
  11.  Is there a minimum reservation amount?   Yes, the minimum reservation amount is $75.00 
  12.  What is the Florida law concerning children and car seat requirements?  Florida state law requires children under age 5 to be protected with an approved and properly used child restraint device.  For children under 3, Florida law requires that they be in a separate car seat or a car seat that is integrated into the vehicle.  For ages 4 and 5 a separate car seat, integrated car seat or seat belt may be used. 
  13.  Is the Sales Tax included in the rental price?   No, a Florida Sales Tax of 6.5% will be added to the total of the rental price. 
  14.  What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept  Visa, MasterCard & American Express.  Your credit card will be charged two weeks prior to delivery, but are verified at the time of reservation.  Cash is also accepted and must be paid in full at the time of delivery.  If other arrangements need to be made please contact us and we will try to accommodate you. 
  15.  Will I be charged if items are returned damaged or with items missing?  We hope that everyone would respect the equipment and use it as if it were their own as other renters want nice and clean items as you do.  Therefore, we will charge the renter if items are returned stained, damaged or for missing items.
  16.  Do you refund money if we decide to leave early?  No, we do not refund your money if you shorten your stay after you have received your rentals.